Schlafkissen von Himmelgrün
Schlafkissen Betonika Traum von Himmelgrün
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Betonika Dream Pillow

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The Betonika Dream Pillow is a firm pillow with betonica herb. This relieves feelings of inner restlessness and can help with sleeping disorders. The herb ensures a general feeling of well-being, a calm and restful sleep, and pleasant dreams.

The basic filling for this pillow consists of organic spelt husks. These are pleasantly firm and yet pliable and cuddly. They are air-permeable and relieve tension with a massage effect.


Himmelgrün is a family business from the Bregenzerwald that produces pillows for a restful sleep from regional herbs and other natural products. With awareness for their social responsibility and the sustainable use of natural resources, the sleeping pillows are lovingly produced by hand from over 40 herbs in in-house blends - so that the natural effective power of the herbs can unfold optimally.


  • Firm pillow with a basic filling of spelt husks
  • Dimensions 60 x 40 cm
  • Also filled with betonica herb, against inner restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • For a restful sleep and pleasant dreams