Premium Weihrauch silber von Margot Fuchs
Räucherwerk von Margot Fuchs
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Premium Silver Frankincense

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A holistic approach to detox touches upon a variety of aspects. Alongside conscious nutrition, body care, quality sleep and sufficient exercise, mental detoxing also plays a decisive role.

Incense is a tradition going back thousands of years and can wonderfully support a mental cleansing. It helps us find a sense of balance in our otherwise hectic everyday lives and makes us stronger when facing stress. It can also lead to a sense of equanimity and help us switch off and let go.

Whether lighting incense while cleaning, or to help get rid of germs, or to promote creativity, concentration, or relaxation, doing so will leave behind a clear and cleansed atmosphere in which we feel we can breathe again and recharge. Incense gives us back a sense of connection to nature, strengthening us anew for whatever life brings our way.

Margot Fuchs

The most important plants grow right near us. Some have protective and cleansing effects, others help engender good mood, harmony, well-being, and relaxation, while others promote concentration, creativity, and self-confidence.

Margot Fuchs is a veritable expert in herbalism. Hailing from the Bregenzerwald, Margot is a certified herbal expert who works here at Hotel Post Bezau. After qualifying as an FNL Herbal Expert (“Friends of Natural Ways of Life”) and training as an instructor, since 2020 Margot has been passing on her knowledge in Vorarlberg and southern Germany through courses in the style of Ignaz Schlifni.

We’re delighted to now be able to offer Margot’s incense blends in our online shop.

Premium Silver Frankincense (Boswellia sacra)

This high-quality silver frankincense from Oman has more than earned its place among the top 3 in the world rankings. The aroma of this pure and untreated resin is wonderfully intense and persistently fragrant. This highly desirable incense develops its full potential when used on sieves or charcoals. It has apurifying, sanitising and uplifting effect. It promotes concentration, neutralises heavy energies and is a wonderful accompaniment to meditation. As it supports masculine aspects, it is advisable to be used together with myrrh - the female counterpart – thus creating the perfect balance.

Incense Burner

If required, you can also order our black iron Incense Burner. You can use your frankincense directly on this.


  • 40 g of Premium Silver Frankincense from certified herbal expert Margot Fuchs
  • From Dhofar, Oman
  • The most beautifully selected Silver frankincense - hand-picked, fairly traded, imported directly and 100% natural
  • Supports meditations, with a cleansing and calming effect
  • Represents the masculine aspect
  • Suitable for use with incense sieves or charcoals
  • If required with our Incense Burner


  • Silver frankincense (Boswellia sacra)

How to use

With charcoals

For glowing charcoals, it’s best to use resins, barks, and roots; flowers and leaves would burn too quickly here and are therefore unsuitable. To do this, sand is placed into a fireproof bowl. With its intense smokes, this technique is used for purifying rituals. Afterwards, the room should be well aired until the strongest aromas have subsided.

On an incense sieve

Burning on an incense sieve is a gentle variation to standard incense. With a candle serving as heat source, thei ngredients slowly glow and give off a wonderfully lingering fragrance. This allows the more delicate aromas from blossoms and leaves to develop to their fullest.